Saturday Brunch: Republique

Rocky // Cheerily Custom Tee (create yours here), Zara Kids Patch Bomber Jacket, Puma x Tiny Cottons Sneakers
Geleen // Zara Mauve Chenille Sweater & Navy Coat, Uniqlo Jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs Velvet Mini Crossbody Backpack, Feather Mules (found them at Nordstrom Rack!)

February 24, 2018.
Photos: Republique, Los Angeles, California. 

We finally have a free weekend! Nobody is sick (knock on wood), no birthday parties, and no holidays. We literally slept in and it was glorious. Since we had nothing better to do, we decided to go out to brunch. We've been wanting to go to Republique for a while now, but never really had a free weekend. 

Republique is a cool little place. You almost feel like they set up long tables in the middle of their kitchen. There's usually a line outside, but it goes fairly quickly. It's one of those places where you order first at the counter then seat yourself. I like this set-up because it almost makes the turn-around time so much faster. Diners don't have to sit around waiting for their waiter/waitress to come around and take orders and come back with a check, etc, BUT I don't like this set-up because if I want to order something additional, do I then need to get back in-line to order 1 thing?! Am I right? What if I decide that I DO actually want dessert? Seems like a stressful situation...

Anywho, the food was really good. Apologies in advance, we took pictures with our phones while we were there. We were so hungry that I couldn't be bothered setting up the camera to take better photos. Rocky slept the whole time in her stroller, so she couldn't even taste the food! (crying emoji face)

I ordered the Pupusa, which is made with a blue corn masa filled with oaxacan cheese, poblano, and squash blossoms, and topped with a black bean spread, sunny side up egg, avocado, salsa, and cilantro. The pupusa itself had the texture similar to pancake so it soaked up the flavors of the salsa and black beans nicely. Jordan ordered the french omelet, which had gruyere cheese, fines herbs, and a side of a baby greens salad and fries. When we go to a new restaurant, he sometimes likes to order something "basic" like an omelet or spaghetti at an Italian restaurant. He thinks that if the restaurant can make the most basic dish amazing, then that's a sign that they really are good. He wasn't disappointed. We also ordered a few items from the bakery to-go including their oatmeal raisin cookie, chocolate chip cookie, and a creme brulee bomboloni.


After brunch, we were basically in a food coma and decided to head home to spend the rest of the day relaxing. We picked up food for Rocky and hung out on the roof. It was perfect. 

If you've been to Republique, let me know your thoughts & recommendations so I know what to order next time!

xx, g