Geleen Tabije

Carrera Cafe

Geleen Tabije
Carrera Cafe

Carrerra Cafe.
Coffee Shop Review.

I have a confession to make, I'm a coffee addict. I drink up to 3 LARGE cups a day and that's me trying to keep my intake under control. I'm also a sucker for adorable little coffee shops, especially when they offer something that no other shop offers (printed latte art, rose milk tea, homemade vanilla bourbon simple syrup, etc...), so I decided to start writing about all of the cute little places I visit. Most of the shops that I'm starting with are popular cafes on Instagram. 

First up, we have Carrera Cafe in West Hollywood. They are known for their printed-art lattes. Basically, they're taking latte art to the next level by having it printed on the foam. They offer a set menu of designs you can choose from - including the Kim K. ugly crying face, "I 'heart' LA", "Anti Social Social Club", a rose, the Louis Vuitton monogram (which I chose), and the list goes on.

The latte itself was pretty good. It wasn't extraordinary, but it was good! I think I was loving the latte art so much that I didn't care that latte was 'just good'. The pastries they offered looked amazing! I skipped on the pastries this time around and ordered their egg sandwich, which included scrambled eggs, lettuce, tomato, and mayo; and is served warm on a toasted baguette. I added avocado and cheddar cheese to mine and nixed the mayo. It was delicious. The shredded lettuce and tomato totally reminded me of the breakfast sandwiches from my neighborhood bodega in New York. Maybe that's why I liked it so much, 

I also found out once I got home, that you can download the app "Coffee Ripples" to your phone to upload an image to be printed on your latte! WOW! I messed up. I guess I'll have to just go back! (And try one of the pastries as well!)

I recommend going to Carrera Cafe. It's a super cute cafe with enough seating, good food options, and the lattes are a cute novelty. 

xx, g

PS: Again, I took these on my iPhone, so sorry for the lower resolution! I keep forgetting to grab the camera on the way out! **face palm**