Rocky in ONEderland

Rocky // District Mot Kids Dress + Bloomers in Chambray (ON SALE, here!) 

August 19, 2017.
Photos: Santa Monica, California.

Before I get into the details of her party, I wanted to say THANK YOU to those who attended Rocky's party. Some of you drove extra far (from Fallbrook and Santa Barbara!!!) to celebrate with us and we just wanted to express how much we appreciate and love you. The party definitely wouldn't have been the same without you. 

ROCKY TURNED 1! I can barely wrap my head around it. I feel like this year just flew by. If you remember from one of my previous blog posts, I was torn between having a mermaid themed party or a tea party. In the end, we chose the tea party. It actually turned out so cute!

We set-up 2 long tables and decorated them with doilies, cake stands, tiered stands, books, vases, tea cups and saucers, tea pots, bird cages, pink lemonade in cute glass bottles, and of course - desserts! We had various flavors of mini cupcakes, doughnut holes decorated as animals, caramel stroopwafel cookies, chocolate chip cookies, windmill shaped almond cookies, animal crackers, banana nut loaves, orange-cranberry loaves, heart-shaped honey butter chips, and 2 whole cakes (strawberry and red velvet). It really felt like a tea party! 

Everyone ate then played some games (I love games, a party without games, isn't a party). The games were meant for the adults to play since we had a lot more adults in attendance than kids.

1. Musical Chairs - we played a round for the kids and the adults. Some of the adults playing were initially really shy to play, but ended up having a great time and being the most competitive ones!
2. Relay Race - the theme of the race was 'Rocky's Milestones'
    A. Learning to drink from a bottle: drink 2oz. of water out of a baby bottle
    B. Eating Solids: eat a donut off of a string without using your hands
    C. Learning to Walk: walk with a tea bag between your knees and drop it in a cup
    D. Starting to Speak: your team has to guess a secret phrase while you're wearing a mouthguard
3. Pictionary - using the names of children's books and movies

After the games, Jordan played a video/slideshow presentation (here). Rocky then did her 'Party Grab' which is more of a Korean tradition than Filipino. We laid out several toys that represented specific professions and let Rocky pick an item. The item she picks is supposed to be her chosen profession when she's older. It was really fun! I was rooting for her to pick the stethoscope, but in the end, she picked the calculator, which represented Business or Finance. I guess she really is just like her mommy! 

We ended the afternoon singing Happy Birthday to her and letting her eat cake. By the way, her expression when we were singing was priceless. She was in such awe that we all knew the song. I then sent the kids home with small animal backpacks full of goodies.

It was the best day ever.

xx, g