11 Months Down

Rocky // Zara 'Alive' Tee, Zara Knit Bloomers, Adidas 'Superstar' Crib Shoes (here)
Geleen // Everlane Striped Top, Guess Denim Culottes, Zara Sandals

July 29, 2017.
Photos: Alex Theatre. Glendale, California.

The countdown has begun. Rocky will be ONE YEAR OLD in 3 short weeks.

Let's just take a moment to give me and Jordan a pat on the back for successfully getting through the first year without too many hiccups.

Now, the party planning will begin. Naturally, I have a Pinterest board full of ideas for themes, decor, food, and games. I've been secretly planning her 1st birthday since her baby shower. There's a part of me that knows that all of this is really for us - not so much Rocky - as she probably won't remember any of it, so why the big party, right?!

My question is, WHY NOT?!

It's a milestone birthday and she has accomplished so much in this short amount of time. It's incredible. Why wouldn't we want to celebrate all of those achievements with 1 big party with all of our friends and family? 

I have a couple of themes in the running and I need your vote! 

A) Mermaid theme
B) Tea Party (aka "Rocky in ONEderland)

Cast your vote by commenting on my Instagram or Facebook under the post with either A or B.

xx, g