Another Day in Parrot-dise

Rocky // Baby Gap Eyelet Top (here)
Geleen // Uniqlo White Tee, Zara Embroidered Gingham Skirt (similar herehere), Stella McCartney Sunnies

July 27, 2017.
Photos: Glendale, California.

If you knew me pre-baby, you'd know I'm normally a size 4/S/26. During the pregnancy, I gained about 45 lbs. and so far have only lost 35 lbs. If this were a test, it's a 78% or a C (C+ at best, essentially still a failing grade in my 'Asian' eyes).

In terms of pounds, it doesn't sound bad at all...except for the fact that I'm 5'1", which means that ANY weight gain is very visible on me. For the last few months, I've been dreading summer. I only fit into a handful of my old clothes and having to show more of my body is & was an uncomfortable idea. Here's what I mean by "is & was"...

A) It is an uncomfortable idea because I'm not beach bod ready at all. My arms feel a little softer than I'm used to so sleeveless tops don't look the same on me and my thighs touch, which isn't a big deal until my shorts ride all the way up as I walk. It's the worst! I spend half of my day pulling them down.  

B) It was an uncomfortable idea because nothing used to fit and everything looked waaaaay too snug on me, but recently, I've learned to embrace this new body (for now) and bought a few new clothes in my new size.

It's amazing how good I feel when my clothes fit perfectly to my body. I feel more confident and sometimes I end up looking thinner. I know losing the weight will take time, patience, and discipline and I'm staying hopeful that I'll lose the rest of the weight. In the meantime, I'm learning to dress this body and taking some chances on different trends, like this "I'm playing tennis and it's hot AF so I'm going to roll up my shirt" look.

xx, g

PS: I did play tennis all throughout high school - but don't try to challenge me, I'm just ok. LOL.