Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

Rocky // Victoria Beckham x Target Romper (similar here), Old Navy Velvet Cat Ballerinas (similar here & here), she's also wearing her headband as a scarf (unintended)
Geleen // Uniqlo Pleated Dress (here), Zara Oxfords (similar here & here), H&M Boyfriend Blazer (similar here)

June 26, 2017.
Photos: Glendale, California.


As of June 26th, I was no longer a stay-at-home-mom. As much as I tried to stay home for Rocky's entire first year, my bank account was telling me otherwise. In my mind, I thought I would be a full-time mommy blogger and professional brunch-er. 

Lucky for me, my new job seems to be pretty amazing so far. I'm only 1 month in, but I'm so impressed with the culture there. The campus is beautiful, everybody seems to be very welcoming and collaborative, and the work is familiar and challenging at the same time. I'm also able to work earlier hours so I can spend more time with Rocky when I get home. Even with traffic, I get home in time to prep and feed her dinner, give her a bath, and get her ready for bed. 

Going to work also gives me a break. I never thought I would need or even want to go to work, but it really does give me a mental break. I can have meaningful adult conversations again and not all topics are about the baby. 

The dress code is pretty casual there, but I personally like to dress up a bit, which could also be as simple as throwing on a blazer and oxfords vs. flat sandals. This Uniqlo pleated dress 'falls' really nicely once on and it's comfortable! 

I forgot how much I enjoy buying and picking work outfits. It's essentially a second wardrobe. More work outfits to come!

xx, g