Baby Soy

Baby Soy.
Product Review.

Star Ruffle Onesie
Flamingo Kimono Romper

Baby Soy generously gifted Rocky two onesies! They sent us the Star Ruffle Onesie in grey and the Flamingo Kimono Romper with green trim. (Both links above.) 

When you have a baby with sensitive skin, you're always checking labels to make sure that the materials won't exasperate their eczema and Baby Soy fits the bill; using eco-friendly materials in all of their designs keeps clothing soft and comfortable. I also like the 'kimono wrap' style. They're easier to put on when your baby is squirming around. 

I would definitely check out their shop! They have a lot of different silhouettes in multiple color options and patterns for all of your little ones. 

xx, g