Coach x Colette

Coach x Colette.
Product Review.

Late last year, Coach (yes, the well known leather goods retailer) reached out to me and wanted to gift Rocky an item from their exclusive and very limited kids capsule collection. The capsule collection was in collaboration with Colette, which a French clothing retailer that has an impressive selection of fine products that are renewed almost weekly. It is probably the coolest and one of the most well-known stores to those in the fashion industry. Naturally, I screamed "YES!!!"

What they sent, was no disappointment. Rocky received a soft jersey dress with pockets, ribbed cuffs, a chenille patch of "Steggy" the dinosaur on the front (Steggy is 1 of the 4 "Coach Beasts." She comes off as shy, but is an amazing karaoke singer), and of course their iconic leather patch stitched to the bottom corner.  

This dress is something that I would buy for myself in a heartbeat! Although, it's a bit large on her still (sizing started at 2Y), I'm beyond excited to have a piece of the collection. Once it starts to get a bit chilly, she will be in this dress quite often! 

Thanks so much to our friends at Coach! We love this dress and hope to collaborate on future capsule collections. 

xx, g