I Scream, You Scream...

Rocky // 'Skater' Rayon Romper by District Mot Kids (find it here)
Geleen // Leather Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs (find a similar dress here

May 13, 2017. 2:00pm.  
Museum of Ice Cream. Los Angeles, California.

Take a moment and imagine what it would look like if Willy Wonka hosted an Ice Cream Social. Whatever you're imagining is exactly what you'll experience at the Museum of Ice Cream. The word 'Museum' is a little misleading though. At first, I thought it was an actual museum - showcasing historical items with facts about ice cream throughout the years. It's actually a space with interactive art installations, which makes it SO MUCH BETTER.

When MOIC first emerged in New York, Jordan and I were trying to get tickets to have our maternity photoshoot there, but missed out because I couldn't decide on a date/time. *Major eye-roll* So, when we heard they were coming to LA I marked my calendar and counted down the days until tickets went on sale. 

We took an entourage, which included some of our best friends...because that's the best way to enjoy ice cream! Each room had a different theme and offered either a taste of ice cream or a topping. We tasted the "Earl Grey & Shortbread Cookie" ice cream (it was my favorite), mint chocolate chip mochi, double chocolate & charcoal ice cream - which had the consistency of cookie dough, handfuls of gummy bears, and an ice cream sandwich with pink pancakes as the sandwich. It sure was A TON of sugar, but it was delicious.

I personally loved the mini room with swings surrounded by scratch-n-sniff banana wallpaper and the sprinkles pool! Would I go again? YES x 1,000! We had such a fun time. Even Rocky enjoyed touching the giant gummy bears and hanging bananas! 

...We All Scream for Ice Cream!  

xx, g