Maternity Leave Memories

Rocky // Tiny Vibes 'Monster' Sweater (here), Cat & Jack Velour Lined Leggings (here)
Geleen // Zara (Kids) Mickey Sweater, Asos Tulle Skirt, Adidas Superstar

November 12, 2017.
Photos: Glendale, California.

Recently, my coworker went on her maternity leave and a whole flood of emotions came back rushing back. The excitement of staying home and prepping for the baby's arrival was the best part. I remember feeling nervous about not knowing exactly when she would arrive and if we would be completely prepared. I imagined all of the possible scenarios on the day I'd go into labor and what I would do in each situation. I remember wanting to walk everywhere so I wouldn't get trapped delivering her on the subway (because NOBODY wants a subway baby - those trains are filthy!). I remember constantly daydreaming about what she would look like. Would she look like me? Would she look like her dad? I remember reading so many mommy blogs and books and wanting to buy so many different things...thinking it would make my life easier and then realizing that I hate clutter and not buying whatever it was.

I remember hoping that Rocky wasn't going to be a colicky baby so we can walk around Brooklyn Heights and spend our afternoons at the cutest coffee shops drinking lattes and not have to leave in a rush because of a crying fit. For me, it was similar to the feeling you get right before you go on vacation...but heightened by 10x. 

When I was actually on maternity leave, it was tiring, but the best. Rocky and I stayed home a lot and I watched A TON of Netflix. I started Rosetta Stone to relearn French and didn't have to put on makeup or worry about doing my hair. I would occasionally either put Rocky in the carrier or stroller to pick up a sandwich from the bodega or coffee from Maison Kayser down the street. Also, the seasons were changing from Summer to Fall and it was so perfect. It was literally the perfect time (and place) to be on maternity leave.

It was the best. Would I go back in time to relive those few months? YES. 

xx, g