Product Review.
Rose Water Hydrating Lace Mask
Rejuvenating Collagen Lace Mask

Recently, Dermovia sent me a couple of their lace face masks to try and so far I love them! I'm not much of a skin care type of person, although I should be at my age. My skin has always been sensitive and dry in some parts and oily in others, It was a hodge-podge of issues to the point where my mom took me to a dermatologist to have it all checked out. It was never an acne issue, but more of a dry-patch issue. So, since then, I've been wary about using too many products on my face or even trying new products and masks. Now as an adult, I have a lot of my skin issues under control and have been more adventurous with trying new face serums, cleansers, masks, etc. 

The two masks I received were Rose Water and Rejuvenating Collagen. The rose water mask is for hydration and the collagen mask is meant to tighten and revive skin. Both masks are great! Not only do they make my skin feel good, are made to look like beautiful lace, have ear loops - so I can keep the mask on securely while I'm chasing Rocky, but they also can be used twice! 

I would be interested in trying all of the other masks, especially the charcoal peel! I think I'm addicted. Also, what I love, is that they're easy to find. They're sold on their own website, but also on Amazon, Nordstrom, and even Revolve. 

I highly recommend trying them out! Let me know which masks you've tried and your thoughts.

xx, g