Casa 425

Rocky // Pink Bubble Romper (here), Taupe Moccasins (here)
Geleen // H&M Knit Ruffle Dress in Navy, Uniqlo Cardigan in Grey, Repetto Ballerinas

October 8, 2017.
Photos: Casa 425. Claremont, California.

We have been hit with a crazy heat wave and it hasn't been fun for Rocky and her eczema. She's been scratching non-stop and is having a hard time sleeping. I had to pull out some her lightweight rompers and tanks and put away some of her cardigans and jackets. Her eczema is definitely so much better than it was before, but it's still something we have to deal with everytime the weather drastically changes. 

A few weekends ago, we headed to Casa 425 in Claremont for my cousins baby shower. (Lucky for us, it was indoors!) Casa 425 is such a cute boutique hotel with a big central courtyard, perfect for al fresco dining.

Rocky loved the fountain and kept trying to jump in! If you're ever in the area, I would recommend visiting the venue for a quick drink at the bar or in the courtyard. 

xx, g